An apple unlike any other

Quality by the kilo

  • Unique texture. Creamy-coloured flesh – firm but not too dense – makes this a crisp, light apple – unlike any other!
  • Bursting with Flavour . Aromatic, juicy and refreshing – a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. The ideal snacking apple
  • Excellent Keeping Qualities. Honeycrunch apples keep exceptionally well, and are ready to enjoy from September’s harvests until May.
  • Looking Good! A pleasing round shape and dual colour – red over a green background – turning yellow as they ripen


Respect for Nature

Responsible, Integrated Agriculture

Honeycrunch apples are exceptionally disease-resistant and are easy to grow.

The methods used are environmentally responsible and are accredited by GLOBAL GAP, the world’s leading farm assurance programme.

Honeycrunch apples fulfil the “Vergers Ecoresponsables” (Eco-friendly Orchards) quality criteria:

  • The apples are French
  • They are picked by hand
  • Production methods are environmentally responsible
  • They protect biodiversity
  • Traceability is guaranteed
  • Production is monitored by external organisations

Where are they grown?

Honeycrunch apples are particularly suited to the climate of the Loire Valley, and were introduced into France – more specifically into the Angers region – in 1994. This variety, developed by the University of Minnesota, has since been grown in the Loire Valley, the South-West and the Cher regions of France, and even in northern Germany. 2015’s European Honeycrunch harvest was edging towards 100,000 tonnes.